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Date : Friday, December 04, 2009
Time : 6:39 PM
Title :


http://moved-on.onsugar.com/ :D


Your(s) Truly,

Date : Saturday, November 28, 2009
Time : 7:14 PM
Title :

So, I ended up sleeping at home the whole of today :x

Went Elaine's house yesterday to celebrate
Felicia's birthday, but she couldn't make it
so we (rachael, yonghan, jacq, sherhui, elaine,
eunice, joanna) slacked around. Ate pizza and swam
without my swimsuit, and went home very wet :x
Was sneezing even bfore I reached home :x
Wasn't feeling well so din't go school to help out today.
Sry! Was having slight fever. Like seriously, I was
feeling damn hot even with the aircon on :x SHINGZ.
Andyahs, Siwei broke/forgot/whatever her promise AGAIN.
She said that she will accompany me to KINO today
to buy books. Butyahs, she dint even call/sms me .-.
So I called her at ard 6.30PM trying to hint her, butyahs,
I don't think she get what I wanted to convey. It's okays,
shall get used to it. :D Lalalalalalas. Going out for dinner soon!
I want FISH AND CO. :D Going for camp soon! Though it's
training camp but I'm still quite excited youknow! :DDDDD
I just enjoy being with the girls :D Holidays just bring us even closer :D
Ohyahs, did I mention about my phoneS? -LAUGHS-
So my original hothot sexysexy red phone died D:
So my mum lend me her extra CHEENA phone = touch screen.
I totally drop the phone into the toilet bowl when I was sms-ing
someone while trying to take out my lenses.
Andyahs, another phone died in my hands :x
So my mum requested SE to loan me a phone when she send
my hothot sexysexy red phone for repair. They loaned me a
super old phone but nvm, at least it's coloured youknow :x
Hahas! Butyahs, after all it's still a VERY OLD PHONE.
It kept hanging and lagging. So after a smses sent/received,
it died :x So I'm like phoneless now! Hahas. I don't mind
actually! :D I won't die without my phone, at least for now.
Going out for dinner now!

Date : Friday, November 27, 2009
Time : 11:56 PM
Title :

Don't want to hear anything.

Went many places these few days,
Bugis, Amk hub, Plaza Sing, Kallang leisure park, Ice rink...
Tried ice hockey :D
Violent but fun! Bought a new vest for overseas trip.
Bought a pair of new converse - waste money :x
Bought a new bag! My new bitchy :O
FYI, I call small chio bags BITCHY :D
Bought new jeans for overseas trip!
I rarely/don't wear jeans in Singapore :D
My pig's trotters you know :O
Just came back from Elaine's house :D
Had pizza for dinner!
Swam, felt weird,
I think I lost my passion for swimming :x
Shall end here, I don't know why am I STILL blogging.
I don't see the point of blogging anymore .-.

that's all we'll ever be.

Date : Sunday, November 22, 2009
Time : 9:49 AM
Title :

Post before I leave for school!

1. I'm gonna change blogskin later, most likely in the evening or at night.
Cos I'm inspired with Yijie's blogskin, it's freaking nice! Purple you know!
Butyeah, I'm not a copymeow, I'm going to dig for nicer one :D

2. Finish those chocolates in my fridge!
My mum went nagging at me when I was buying chocolates from candy empire
yesterday. I just realise I still have around 5/6 different kinds of chocolates in
my fridge now :O Did I mention that I went to the airport yesterday? o.o

3. Mention that I went to the airport yesterday.
My brother left for Thailand yesterday. National Service Circuit Training?
GoodLucks man! Then went there for dinner. Shucks. Daddy thought
Crystal Jade was in terminal 1 .-. So he brought us to terminal 1, realising
that there's only food court there. ROAR. So we went terminal 2 to makan.
I had 2 dessert :O Mango Pudding and Honeydew Sago! The Mango Pudding
in Crystal Jade sucks mans :x I couldnt taste the mango, all I tasted
was the pudding. LALALAS.

4. Having 2 injections TODAY
Cos I'm leaving for Korea SOON.
Not that soon actually. After Vball Training Camp. :D
Go Korea and ShangHai with SIWEI! -SCREAMS-
We would be like singing, listening to songs, eating, swimming,
skiing (sp) and lalalala-ing together! -SCREAMS AGN-
Youknow, Koreans are damn shuai and chio lahs! -SCREAM-
I think you can see how excited I am now :O
I'm getting very high these few days, and when Kailin
gets high, she can't stop crapping, and that's not a very good
thing to people like AIMIE xD She will diao me! But for people
like ELAINE, she would crap along! xD

5. Sorry 6Charity people D:
Yahs, sheryl and co, I may not be able to attend the 6charity
gathering! D: I have got vball camp! So yahs, have fun! xD

So that's all I want to say, I shall search for blogskins now xD
I want sth nice :D


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